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About OpexCentral

OpexCentral is a modular cloud solution that simplifies and standardizes workflows for your supporting and management processes.

OpexCentral modules will instantly boost efficiency, increase process and data transparency, maintain cost control, and ensure quality. All information is stored centrally, in a highly secure environment, so you can easily keep track of all activities in progress.

Start with a base package and pick only the modules you need.
No more spreadsheets, countless forms and waiting times – our centralized approach provides you with one version of the truth. Anytime, anywhere.
We employ the highest security standards and best practices to make sure your data is safe with us.
On the road? OpexCentral works great on any device, whether you use a laptop, phone or tablet. Our intuitive interface adapts to you.
Something missing? We‘re happy to customize our modules for you.
OpexCentral Modules
Get to know the modules that will make your life easier.

Innovation Management

From idea to purchase order

Travel Management

All company travel in one place

Compliance Monitor

Extend your compliance and stay on the safe side

Talent Management

Find skills and resources to grow from within

Contractor Management

All contractor information at your fingertips

Simple Request

Flexible request management and approvals

Bring your ideas from conception to budget-planning.
Capture innovative ideas, get buy-ins from various stakeholders and develop the ideas to the budget-planning phase.
Standardized process framework.
We provide a streamlined approach and framework that supports you - from idea to purchase order.
Expand your business the smart way.
Effectively identify ideas internally and develop new projects that matter to your company.
Manage all of your company travel.
The Travel Management module lets you keep on top of business travel, covering the whole process from travel request, to approval, to auditing.
Instant notifications. Stay informed by e-mail and text messaging.
We provide notification and tracking mechanisms to ensure complete transparency for company travel - for full accountability and auditing.
Simplify travel requests with Flexi Approvers.
Customize the approval conditions for each employee to ensure a rapid and fuss-free process with no delays.
Minimize travel risk.
Quickly identify risk locations for travellers, implement business rules for risky travel and take precautionary actions.
Remain compliant with anti-corruption regulations.
Compliance Monitor gives you the transparency you need to make sure that transactions with clients adhere to company and regulatory policy.

Compliance Monitor comes with three modules:

Anything of Value:

Declare anything of value, such as gifts, meals, and entertainment expenses related to clients, including reasons and other details.


Report any known or suspected cases of bribery.

Conflict of Interest:

Report any known or suspected conflicts of interest.

Protect Sensitive Information.
Enable users to enter data, ask questions and add comments through the proper channels. All information is secured in an audit trail and can be easily retrieved when you need it.
Let us help you realize your potential.
The Talent Management module lets you find information on skills and experience among your employees. Using an intuitive search function, you can put together teams that best fit your needs.
Flexible work hours.
Enable employees to easily organize their work hours. Parental leave, sabbaticals and part-time hours are all handled in a single location.
Rewards and recognition.
Reward employees for outstanding work, or congratulate them on important life events such as birthdays and weddings.
Take control of your contractor management.
The Contractor Management module gives you a framework for managing all contractor-related processes in your organization, from on-boarding to off-boarding, from search to evaluation.
Enjoy streamlined on- and offboarding.
The easy-to-use features enable you to submit and approve contractor requests and manage all contractors in your company.
Smart recommendations
and search
Leverage previously completed tasks and project feedback to find the right contractors for your next project.
Keep requests flexible and simple.
The Simple Request module is designed to help you manage and automate basic request and approval processes within your organization.
Work with
what you need.
Define the type of requests you need (such as press releases, general requests, and others) and rest assured that the approval process will adhere to the standard you are used to, and be consistent and familiar, no matter whom you work with.
Ensure auditability.
All communication and data is stored securely and can be easily retrieved and viewed in clear and concise reports when you need it.
Choose your own configuration with our step-by-step pricing scheme.

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